St. Joseph Catholic School in Danville, PA, uses their newly re-designed website to communicate with four very distinct types of visitors. Their new website administrator has done a great job utilizing the power of the STiYLE platform to communicate different content to visitors, parents, students, and staff. The robust and versatile admin permissions even allows faculty, teachers, and club advisors to manage their own pages online.

"STiYLE has made my job designing a new website easy, fun, and exciting... as well as educational. Not knowing a whole lot about web design and being in charge of making a new website for my school was a little intimidating. The new platform and interface that STiYLE uses made it simple and fun to do this job. The very user-friendly interface allows you to find and make changes in a beautifully organized layout so there is no wasted time trying to locate anything.

The STiYLE support team are always answering my e-mails in a timely fashion. I communicate with them almost on a daily basis asking for help or advice on how to do things on the website and they always respond to me with help or input and directions on how to do it. They have been extremely patient with me, and always willing to help. Working with them has taught me a lot about the art of web design, as well as, making it as easy as possible. I would recommend going with STiYLE if you want someone who is not only going to make your website but also be willing to help you every step of the way." 

Matthew Gilger, Health/Phys Ed & STEM Teacher


Check out their live site here: